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Meet up with the leading minds and personalities of the digital nomad world at Nomadpalooza, an unforgettable and transformative event for location independent entrepreneurs and remote workers. At Nomadpalooza you will learn new skills, gain new insights, make new exciting connections, discover new things about yourself and even start promising new business ventures during our Biz Builder event.

This event is unlike anything else you’ve ever attended.

Just some of the elements of the event you can look forward to:

  • Mastermind Sessions
  • Insight Sessions
  • Coaching sessions
  • Biz Builder Blitz
  • Joint Venture Networking
  • Flow Retreat
  • Yoga & PE Sessions
  • Local tours & adventure activities
  • And some serious partying too!

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General Overview:

This event will have a number of different tracks depending on your desired level of participation. Some tracks will be invitation only. Others are open to everyone who would like to attend. Tickets will be issued on a first come first served basis, with those on the pre-registration list being offered first refusal.

The 3 tracks for 2017 will be:
IMPROVE – Insights Sessions, Mastermind Sessions, Coaching Sessions
CREATE – Biz Builder Blitz, JV Networking
FLOW – Flow Retreat (Optional Yoga, PT Sessions, Meditation, Mindset Sessions, Massage Sessions)
PALOOZA – Fun, Fun and more Fun: Dinners, Parties, Adventure Activities



Insight Sessions

These sessions are where we give the stage to a selection of speakers from our community and from industry, so they can share the lesson’s they’ve learnt along their own journeys, in a hope we can all avoid making the same mistakes and pitfalls they’ve had to overcome. Education and inspiration!

Mastermind Sessions

These sessions are round table break outs where smaller groups of nomads can bounce idea’s off of each other, troubleshoot each other’s businesses, offer suggestions, share experiences of what has and has not worked for each in the past. We will endeavor to create small groups of nomads with diverse skill-sets to give the maximum benefit of different points of view.

Coaching Sessions

We’re fortunate enough to know some absolutely amazing coaches who will be on hand to help you working on your #1 top sticking point. The thing that you feel is holding you back from crushing it and taking your online business to the next level. For most this will relate to cash flow management, marketing, sales, outsourcing, leadership or communications. This track will be subject to demand.



Dinners, Parties & Adventure

Time to let your hair down! This track of the event will run for entire duration of the event usually in the evenings after all other track events are completed. There will be a number of common events, some invite only events, parties, and adventure trips. If you attend only the LEARN Track then you will only be eligible to attend the LEARN Palooza dinners and parties. If you attend all 10 days of the full event you will be eligible to attend all palooza events.

As well as dinners, and parties, we will be organising a number of optional outings to experience the locality of the event and take a crack at some adventure sports/activities. This is the fun track, that will separate the party animals from the adrenaline junkies!



Business Builder Blitz

This track of activity will take a full week and during this time participants will be divided into teams and will work together to brainstorm a new business idea, work together to launch, market and promote the business, overseen by our mentors. This is primarily designed to be a fun exercise in gaining massive product launch experience in a very short period of time (1 week).

Each team will be tasked with launching an MVP (minimum viable product) into the market place, devising marketing strategies to promote it and at the end of the week the team who has had the greatest commercial success will win the 3B Prize, as well as the bragging rights!

It is our hope that some new amazing online businesses will be born as a result of this but really this challenge is designed to educate in a safe, controlled and fun environment, how quickly a basic online product can be brought to market and sold. And who knows…maybe your team will launch a wildly successful offering that makes you all a fortune!

More importantly it will give everyone a chance to really see what the other nomads at the event are like before committing to begin a new joint venture with them.

Flow Track


Flow State Sessions

Have you ever noticed how sometimes ideas and the output of your work just comes really easily and naturally? Your focus is razor sharp and your wit rapier like? This is because you were in a flow state. This track is designed to relax and re-focus your mind and will include daily yoga, guided & walking meditation (beginner friendly), physical training sessions so you can get your sweat on and we’ll even have some mindset sessions, time and interest allowing.

Mostly these sessions will happen first thing in the morning and all are completely optional but totally recommended, so you can really carpe your diem and perform at 100% all day.

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